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A flexible mirror management tool.

Bouncer is a mirror management tool that has three main components:

  • Sentry, a fully customizable mirror checking tool that determines what mirrors are available, whether they are serving the correct mime-types, and even checks MD5 or SHA1 hashes to ensure file integrity across your mirror network.
  • Easy-to understand administrative tools.
  • A "bounce" script that evenly redistributes requests to your mirror network.

The goal of the Bouncer is to provide an easy-to-use interface for adding new products and versions as well as the means to direct users to the least-used mirror in a weighted fashion. One of the biggest advantages of the Bouncer is that it allows projects to see what sort of usage they are getting and see "real" download numbers across locales.

Bouncer is driving all of the downloads now for the Mozilla Foundation.

More information about Bouncer can be found in our wiki. Bouncer 1.0 is currently in use. Bouncer 2.0 is in development and nearing release. We're just starting to seriously think about Bouncer 3.0

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