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Projects under development at the OSL.
Projects Bouncer
A flexible mirror management tool.
Projects Maintain
Maintain is a multi-user, web based management tool for DNS and DHCP.
Projects Helpdesk
Helpdesk is a module-based, open-source bug tracking system based on's Bugzilla.
Projects Rogue Detect
Rogue Detect sends DHCPDISCOVER packets to the network and listens for DHCP servers to respond.
Projects Webnibus
Webnibus is a Web-based system for developing, reviewing, and managing Sea Grant proposals.
Projects Ockham
The OCKHAM Initiative seeks to promote the development of digital libraries via collaboration between librarians and digital library researchers. By promoting simple, open approaches and standards for digital library tools, services, and content, the gap between digital library development and the adoption of digital library systems by the traditional library community will be bridged.

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