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OSL Opens Door For New Student Developer

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The OSL is currently looking for a new student developer to join the team.
The Open Source Lab is a research and development center for leading open source technologies and communities. At the OSL we provide people with the opportunity to work with some of the finest minds in the field in a fun and exciting work environment. Providing hosting for projects such as, Mozilla and Gentoo as well as providing development for open source software such as Ockham, KRA, Bouncer and Maintain. The OSL is truly at the crossroads for community building, open source hosting, and open source software development.

Currently, we are looking to hire a new student developer. If you meet the requirements below and would like to apply, please e-mail your cover letter and resume to look forward to hearing from you!

Job Position Requirements

  • Comfortable working in a Linux environment
  • Familiar with concepts behind open source software
  • Familiar with procedural and OOP (Object Oriented Programming paradigms)
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in at least one of the following languages: C, Perl, PHP, Java
  • Strong desire to contribute to the open source community

Job Pluses (Not required but very cool if you have them)
  • Able to balance work with school
  • Previous Open Source software experience
  • Previous Web App design experience
  • PHP/PEAR knowledge and experience
  • Perl knowledge and experience
  • General networking knowledge and experience
  • Database experience (MYSQL, PostgreSQL, etc)

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