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Maintain is a multi-user, web based management tool for DNS and DHCP. It was created using PHP, Perl and MySQL. Maintain was developed by Oregon State University's Network Engineering to replace a set of command line scripts that edited DNS zone files. These scripts were used by many Administrators across campus. Learn more about Maintain and why it was developed.

If you would like to take a look at Maintain please check out the Demo. The demo is based off of recent SVN code. Because of this you may see bugs. If you come across a bug please let us know by clicking on "Report a Bug" on the left side. (Note: You must have an account to file a bug.)

Getting Involved and Finding Help

Programs required to run Maintain

Core Requirements:

DNS Requirements:

DHCP Requirements:

Although these are the minimum requirements it is HIGHLY recommended that you run the latest versions of all software in order to protect your systems against vulnerabilities.

Maintain Modules

Maintain supports the addition of modules to its core code. These modules can be enabled, or disabled by editing a single configuration file. Below is a list of the currently available modules:

Using Maintain

This project is released under the GNU Public License. If you would like to use this software, please see the license section for more information.

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