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"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate" - Ockham's Razor
(entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily)

The OCKHAM Initiative seeks to promote the development of digital libraries via collaboration between librarians and digital library researchers. By promoting simple, open approaches and standards for digital library tools, services, and content, the gap between digital library development and the adoption of digital library systems by the traditional library community will be bridged.

Ockham at the OSL

The Ockham project consists of several services being developed at Emory University, University of Notre Dame, Oregon State University and Virginia Tech. In addition to providing hosting, the Open Source Lab is designing and developing two of these services.

Ockham Registry

The OCKHAM Registry enables easy advertising and discovery of digital library services. The Registry software is run locally at each participating institution, enabling local control over the use of the registry - in other words, it is a distributed registry.

At this time, the registry is still in a development state. We welcome those interested in downloading the current version for the purpose of testing and providing feedback.

Wiki Docs:

Ockham Harvest-to-Query (H2Q)

H2Q provides an easy, out-of-the-box method for enabling any OAI-PMH available collection to be Z39.50 available. Future versions will also allow for SRU/SRW querying.

Wiki Docs:
Downloads: h2q-0.4.1.tar.gz

More Information

For more information about Ockham, including a full list of services, please visit
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