OSL Members

We are very grateful to our members who support us and make it possible for us to support the open source community. To learn how to contribute and become a member, please see our membership options page.

Founding Members

RealNetworks, Inc. provides the universal platform for the delivery of any digital media from any point of origin across virtually any network to any person on any Internet-enabled device anywhere in the world.

In 1995, RealNetworks, Inc. pioneered the entire Internet media industry, and continues to fuel its exponential growth.

Because the Internet was built to handle text-based information, not audio and video and other rich media, RealNetworks, Inc. foresaw the need for specific solutions that could handle the creation, delivery and consumption of media via the Internet. That led RealNetworks, Inc. to invent and release the RealPlayer and RealAudio in 1995.

Today, hundreds of millions of RealPlayers have been downloaded throughout the world take advantage of RealNetworks, Inc. world-class media creation, delivery and playback technology.
Google is one of the world's leading search engines and quickly becoming a leader in the web services industry. From their website, "Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." The OSL shares in this mission by organizing the resources of the Open Source community, making it easier for developers to focus on writing code.

Google sponsors the OSL through financial grants. This funding helps the OSL to provide the community with physical hosting, bandwidth, and to cover the cost of "smart-hands" support. Google is a big supporter of the Open Source movement, producing open code of their own (see code.google.com), and sponsoring the Summer of Code program. Each year Google puts millions of dollars towards Open Source research and development through this program.

Sustaining Members

The Open Source Lab at Oregon State University has received a large donation of Internet bandwidth from TDS Telecom that will allow it to more than double the number of visitors it can serve, in the future helping up to 50 million people a day review or download free software.

For a five-year period, the Open Source Lab will receive 600 megabits of bandwidth - a volume of Internet connectivity that is more than five times higher than the total used by the rest of the university. In addition, OSU servers will be hosted in a TDS Data Center.

TDS Telecom is a major telephone and Internet services provider. Their donation of bandwidth to OSU will help TDS balance the volume of data they share back and forth with other networks, which is necessary for the smooth operation of the global Internet system.

Supporting Members

Mozilla is a global community dedicated to building free, open source products and technologies that improve the online experience for people everywhere. We work in the open with a highly disciplined, transparent and cooperative development process, under the umbrella of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. As a wholly owned subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation organizes the development and marketing of Mozilla products. This unique structure has enabled Mozilla to financially support and cultivate competitive, viable community innovation. For more information, visit www.mozilla.com.

The OSL has been a long-standing partner for Mozilla and is an integral part of the Mozilla community. Mozilla has provided financial support to OSL to use toward their general operating fund. Mozilla recognizes the great benefit that OSL provides to many communities of open source contributors. We're honored to do our part to help keep the OSL an innovative and thriving program.
Splunk is search software that indexes and links together ALL the IT data generated by ANY system, application or device making it possible to search and navigate your running IT infrastructure. (taken from splunk.com)

The OSL benefits from an installation of the Splunk Professional Server that watches and indexes the logs of all of our managed servers. This allows us to quickly search and troubleshoot problems by finding the log data we need fast.

At the OSL we have multiple servers performing a single function, such as mail, DNS, and LDAP. With Splunk, we can search one place for an event that may have happened in any number of places, and do so quicker than grep'ing through logs on our loghost. Saving these searches and watching time-based event trends from the log data is a big bonus. Splunk has quickly shown itself to be a valuable part of our administrative toolkit. In today's boom of Web2.0 applications, think of Splunk as Logs2.0.

Splunk offers a free version that can index up to 500MB per day. Try it out at www.splunk.com
Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Explore the many ways Intel's belief in innovation has defined our corporate identity. (from intel.com)

Intel supports the OSL through gifted hardware resources. Using Intel's new dual core technology, we have been able to process a much larger amount of logs and stats. Another benefit of this added power is that we are able to virtualize servers using Xen, allowing us to give many virtual machines to smaller OSS projects and stretch the usefulness of those servers even further.
IBM has helped contribute to projects hosted here at the Open Source Lab by donating hardware resources.

IBM has long been an advocate, sponsor and contributor to the Linux developer community and Open Technology development. Continuing this tradition of support, IBM has contributed a number of IBM970 and POWER5 servers to the Open Source Lab for the purpose of Linux and Open Source project development by the community on the Power Architecture. Please see: http://powerdev.osuosl.org/ for more information and SSH-based remote access to Linux on POWER servers. Also contributed a 4-way POWER5 system used for the development and testing of the Gentoo distribution for POWER.
sun logo
Sun Microsystems provides a diversity of software, systems, services and microelectronics including the Java technology platform, Solaris operating system, StorageTek, and the UltraSPARC processor. (from sun.com)

Sun supports the OSL through gifted hardware resources. Sun has donated multiple servers to the lab which are used to provide a number of services such as community database servers and email servers.
NexTag.com is a leading comparison shopping site for products, financial services, travel, automobiles, real estate, education and more. At the core of NexTag.com is its proprietary Search And Match (SAM(tm)) technology that enables shoppers to quickly compare prices and find the best deals on millions of products and services. For thousands of merchants, service providers and individuals, NexTag is an extremely efficient sales channel with its highly qualified traffic and performance-based pricing. More than 11 million people per month use NexTag.com to research, compare, and buy products and services online.
Genesi is a leading provider of Power Architecture technology based computing products. Genesi's latest product, the Freescale 5200B based EFIKA, has redefined the 32-bit embedded market while simultaneously establishing a new market standard for the Open Client. The EFIKA Workstation and the EFIKA Open Client make for an extremely versatile and durable platform that is silent, small, inexpensive and energy efficient with no moving parts.

The EFIKA is supported by numerous open source software development communities.

Genesi has provided many Open Desktop and EFIKA Workstations to the Open Source Lab. For information about Genesi's involvement in the Open Source community, please see www.powerdeveloper.org
Opengear develops console servers that are being used worldwide by enterprises, campuses, telcos and ISPs for out-of-band management of their servers and their comms infrastructure (routers, DSLAMs etc).

Opengear's products are all built upon an open source software base and their engineers actively steer a number of open source projects including sdtcon (okvm.sf.net). Other community activities they actively contribute to or support ... and others they simply draw from.

Community Members

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