We provide system hosting and services for the Open Source community. serverroom

Why host with us?

There are several advantages to hosting your infrastructure with the OSL.
  • Excellent support provided by people who are involved with Open Source.
  • Assistance with system administration available, allowing Open Source developers to do what they do best; develop!
  • Wide variety of services offered (see list below).
  • Redundant network connectivity and service provided by NERO, the Network for Education and Research in Oregon.
  • We understand that Open Source communities work on a volunteer basis, so we strive to provide the cheapest possible hosting solution around. Given enough outside contributions and funding, this may even mean free hosting.

What we provide

  • Mail Relays (with spam and virus tagging & blacklist filtering)
  • Database Services to relieve some of the pressure on your hosted web services
  • DNS for your project, managed via our web interface Maintain
  • File distribution via our own ftp network and rsync for outside mirrors
  • Code Repository (subversion)
  • Mailing Lists (mailman)
See the links above for more details, or contact us at support-at-osuosl-org