The OSL’s talented development staff and students provide full services including requirements analysis, design, coding and testing. We are passionate about developing a robust solution that is well-designed, does what you want, and will hold up over time.



  • In-depth knowledge of open source technologies and tools
  • Heavily involved with and strong contributors to the open source community
  • Practical experience with Java, J2EE, Linux, Apache, mySQL, and PHP
  • Cost effective: we stay within your budget
  • Proven track record of successful open source projects
  • Aiding the adoption of open source with research and technical workshops

Best Practices Approach

  • Technology agnostic: we select the right tools for your project
  • Incremental development with staged releases
  • Design and code for scalability, adaptability, and ease of maintenance
  • Strong customer and community involvement throughout the project
  • Good communication with all project stakeholders

Our Solutions Have Served

  • Oregon Dept of Education
  • Oregon State University Library System
  • Oregon State University Network Services
  • Millersville University
  • University of Kentucky Math Department
  • Mozilla

Project Funding

Project funding comes from a variety of sources. Some projects are funded directly through Oregon State University, such as Maintain and Bouncer. Others are collaborative efforts with other institutions. For example, Ockham is a collaboration between Oregon State University, Virginia Tech, University of Notre Dame, and Emory University. We also receive donations from sponsors including Google, IBM and Intel.

Make a Proposal

At the OSL we are constantly looking for new and exciting projects. If you have an idea for an open source project please contact us at proposals-at-osuosl-dot-org with your proposal.

Get Involved

We have projects developed in-house and we are always looking for talented developers to contribute. Open source development is an excellent way to build skills and makes a great addition to your resume! Projects developed at the OSL are open source, making it easy for anyone to contribute. Contact us at getinvolved-at-osuosl-dot-org for more information.