Open Source is all about contributions. Countless numbers of developers are all giving of their time and talents to code, document, test, design, and deliver software so that the end user may benefit from it. The Open Source Lab is here to contribute resources to the community, allowing developers to focus on what they do best rather than having to spend time worrying about system resources and hosting. To continue operating, we need your contributions as well.


Click here to donate money to the OSL At the end of the day, there are bills to pay. We have costs to cover for bandwidth, facilities, and human resources (see our People page to meet our team of sysadmins!). A monetary contribution to the OSL helps us to not only continue in the same level of service as we have in the past, but to expand as more resources become available. This allows us to open up hosting and resources to more Open Source projects. To see a list of currently hosted projects that your contribution will benefit, visit our Clients and Partners page.

Our financial contributions are handled by the Oregon State University Foundation. Click here to open the online donation form. Please ensure that "Open Source Lab Unrestricted" is selected in the "First Designation" drop-down menu. You can also phone a contribution to the OSU Foundation at (800) 354-7281 and specify that your gift is for the Open Source Lab in Information Services. To speak with someone at the OSL about how your contributions are used, please call (541) 737-9900 or email donations-at-osuosl-org.

Thank you for your contributions!