To contact the OSL in general, email info-at-osuosl-dot-org. To learn about the OSU Open Source Lab Staff, read on.. (in alphabetical order)
Lance Albertson, Infrastructure Architect
Lance Albertson

Lance Albertson joins the Oregon State University Open Source Lab as the Infrastructure Architect bringing extensive experience in large scale academic computing environment and Open Source Community involvement. Lance comes to the lab from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas where he was responsible for over 30,000 faculty/staff and student email and system accounts as well as serving as the advisor for the Linux Users Group. Lance's involvement in the Open Source Community started in 2003 with the Gentoo Linux distribution. As a leader within the Gentoo Community, Lance has served on the Foundation, has held the position of Operational Manager for the Infrastructure team, and is a developer and maintainer for several core infrastructure packages.

Lance can be reached at lance-at-osuosl-dot-org

Deborah Bryant, Public Sector Communities Manager
Deborah Bryant

Deb is responsible for Open Source Lab's outreach and education programs for state and local government and is director of the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON). This year's annual GOSCON will be held in Portland, Oregon in the fall. Visit for more details.

Deb most recently comes from Oregon State Government, where she gained an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities for the use of Open Source in government. Her interest in Open Source came from private sector work in emerging technologies and later, in policy development for the public sector.

Deb can be reached at deborah-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Sarah Cooley, Maintain Developer
Sarah Cooley

Sarah is currently a Maintain developer at the OSL. Sarah is a long time Linux user and has been programming on her own time for a few years. She is currently working towards a degree in electrical engineering and computer science at OSU. In her free time Sarah builds and drives electric cars, codes, and occasionally enjoys pottery at the craft center.

Sarah can be reached at cooleys-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Shay Dakan, Director
Shay Dakan

Shay Dakan has provided effective leadership and administrative services to the University since 1996. Her expertise has been instrumental with strategic and tactical planning; financial, technical, and usage forecasting, engineering, and all necessary operations requirements for maintaining the integrity of both voice and data networks.

As current Director of OSU Network Services, Shay administers the following work units: Telecommunications, Network Engineering, Inter-institutional Converged Exchange Network Operations Center (iNOC), and the Open Source Laboratory. Together, these teams provide a wide range of network and computing services to the entire OSU community, both on-campus and at off-site locations.

Jon Dolan, Associate Director, Network Services
Jon Dolan Jon runs the core networking group for Oregon State University and the Open Source Lab. He keeps this place running packets.

Jon can be reached at jon-dot-dolan-at-oregonstate-dot-edu.

Rudy Grigar, Community Systems Administrator
Rudy Grigar Rudy is a part time student systems administrator for the Open Source Lab's infrastructure team. He enjoys toying with Cfengine, Apache, and virtual private networking -- but this is always changing. His experience with Linux spawned with his love for Quake and QuakeWorld in the late 1990's and has been growning since then.

Rudy can be reached at basic-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Ben Kero, Community Systems Administrator
Ben Kero

Ben is a community systems administrator for the OSL. He is responsible for the public PowerPC Development resources(PowerDev) sponsored by the OSL, as well as the availability and performance of enterprise monitoring systems. In his spare time he enjoys developing software for embedded Linux platforms, creating electric vehicles, and hacking on hardware. Ben is a junior in Computer Science with a specialization in Business. One of his goals is to incrementally integrate synergistically combined Web 2.0-paradigms with web analytics to create horizontally scalable enterprise solutions.

Ben can be reached at bkero-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Peter Krenesky, OLPC Media Player Lead Developer
Peter Krenesky

Peter is a full time Analyst Programmer working on variety of projects for the open source lab. He has been professionally developing software for over six years. His primary expertise is Java/J2ee system architecture design for enterprise middleware solutions. Peter also has experience with python, php, c++, and other niche languages. Prior to joining the OSL Peter worked as a developer for the Christian Science Publishing Society developing mainly e-Commerce software.

Peter's current project is modifying Real Network's Helix Media Player for use by the One Laptop Per Child. Peter has also contributed to a portal and learning management system for the Oregon Department of Education's Oregon Virtual School District project.

Peter can be reached at peter-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Greg Lund-Chaix, OVSD Lead Developer
Greg Lund-Chaix

Greg has spent the last 12 years working on various telecommunications and distance education projects within the State of Oregon. Greg's current project is building a portal and learning management system for the Oregon Department of Education's Oregon Virtual School District project.

You can read more on Greg's blog at

When not at a keyboard, Greg is often found on two wheels playing BikeFriz.

Greg can be reached at gchaix-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Brad Morgan, Maintain Developer
Brad Morgan

Brad is a student developer for the OSL. He is currently a Sophomore pursuing a degree in computer science.

If Brad could offer any advice to aspiring programmers out there, it would be these words of wisdom...

"When you fail at something, especially when you are first learning, everyone tells you to "get back on the horse." But think carefully about that. If you were the horse, would you let some guy you just bucked off get right back on you? No way! If I were the horse, I would just keep bucking. Because even if I had no reason to, it would just be a matter of principle..."

"So the moral of the story is: Don't play the horse's games. Hack the horse and make it play yours :)"

Brad can be reached at morgabra-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Josh Schonstal, Maintain Developer
Josh Schonstal

Josh is a Maintain developer for the OSL. He is currently a sophomore of computer science. His secondary focus of study is the Japanese language.

Josh can be reached at schonstal-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Jeff Sheltren, Operations Manager
Jeff Sheltren

Jeff Sheltren has joined the Oregon State University Open Source Lab as the Operations Manager. Jeff comes to the Lab from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he was a Senior Systems Administrator and Programmer for the Computer Science department. In 2003, Jeff began working with the Fedora Legacy Project, and later went on to setup and maintain the build system used to build all Fedora Legacy packages. Jeff was elected to serve as a member of Fedora's Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) Steering Committee in 2007. As a leader of the relatively new EPEL community, Jeff is working to establish EPEL as a valuable resource to Enterprise Linux users in addition to encouraging community participation in the project. He also currently maintains a number of packages for the Fedora Project and EPEL.

Jeff can be reached at jeff-at-osuosl-dot-org