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Work Experience

OSL StudentsStudents are an integral part of the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Students are highly involved in all our development and hosting activities, working in developer and system administrator positions.

Working at the OSL provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain work experience. These are not your typical student positions. Students work closely with our customers and hosted clients to provide professional development and hosting services. Ever wanted to work closely with developers from some of the most prominent open source projects in the world? The OSL provides a unique opportunity for students to do just that.

Student Projects

Working on open source projects not only gives our students a great opportunity to use, understand and contribute to new technologies, but also puts their work out in the open where it can be seen and appreciated by users, developers and potential employers. For an idea of some of the projects OSL student employees have worked on, check out our student stories.

Open Source on Campus

The Open Source Lab is not the only location on campus where students are exposed to open source software and practices. The Open Source Education Lab and Linux User Group are both very active on campus and give students the opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals, learn new things and display the benefits of open source to the campus community and beyond. Students also use open source as part of the computer science curriculum, from digging into Linux source for an operating systems class to learning about communities, submitting patches and more in Tim Budd's open source elective course. By working with open source at Oregon State, students are able to learn skills that will benefit them greatly in their careers. To learn more, please see Open Source at OSU.

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