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Lance Albertson, Director
Lance Albertson

As the OSL's Director, Lance Albertson brings extensive experience in a large-scale academic computing environment and open source community involvement. Lance comes to the lab from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan., where he was responsible for over 30,000 faculty/staff and student email and system accounts and served as the advisor for the Linux Users Group. Lance's involvement in the open source community began in 2003 with the Gentoo Linux distribution. As a leader within the Gentoo community, Lance has served on the Linux Foundation, has held the position of operational manager for the infrastructure team and is a developer and maintainer for several core infrastructure packages.

Lance can be reached at lance-at-osuosl-dot-org

Senior Systems Architect

Justin Dugger, Senior Systems Architect
Justin Dugger

Justin joined the OSL in March 2012 after studying and working at Kansas State University. Justin took graduate level courses in computer science at KSU and later worked as an applications system administrator there immediately before coming to the OSL. His work in identity and account management and his experience with Linux and Ubuntu are assets he'll utilize to benefit the lab's projects and infrastructure. Justin was involved in the Linux Users Group at KSU, and he has extensive experience with Java programming. Through the OSL, Justin is excited to be part of the wider open source community and to participate in outreach and development.

Senior Systems Architect

Rudy Grigar, Senior Systems Architect
Rudy Grigar

Rudy joined the OSL in March 2012 as senior systems architect. An OSU alumnus who worked at the OSL as a student, Rudy brings knowledge of open source projects in the lab and experience in private sector industry to his position. Rudy has worked heavily on the Drupal content management system and comes to the OSL after working as a senior systems engineer with Acquia. Excited to return to an environment he enjoyed as a student, he plans to use his experience to enhance the lab’s efficiency and to help prepare students to solve problems they may encounter in the industry.

Senior Software Engineer

Ken Lett, Senior Software Engineer
Ken Lett

Ken began at the OSL in March 2012 after spending over a decade in various positions on the OSU campus. Since 1999, he has worked professionally as a systems administrator in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, completed an undergraduate degree in physics as a student and worked with Central Web Services as a software developer. Ken sees the OSL as a synthesis of the wide variety of projects he has worked on at the university and hopes to use his experience with many different technologies and his dual perspective as an OSU staff member and alumnus to benefit the lab. Ken's personal interests are as varied as the technical projects he has worked on; he is a blacksmith as well as a woodworker and enjoys writing fiction.


Trevor Bramwell, Developer
Trevor Bramwell

Trevor is studying applied computer science. As a part-time student developer at the OSL, he spends most of his time on the Ganeti Web Manager project. His passion and knowledge for open source software and development is only exceeded by his passion for dance. He is actively involved in the OSU Linux Users Group, the Corvallis Swing Society and the Oregon State Ballroom Dance Company's performing ensemble New Shoes.

Trevor is knowledgeable in Java, PHP, (X)HTML, Python, SQL and Intel Assembly. When he is not being a code monkey, Trevor can be found reading, playing classic point-and-click adventure games, dancing or playing guitar.


Joshua Deare, Developer
Joshua Deare

Community Systems Administrator

Emily Dunham, Community Systems Administrator
Emily Dunham

Emily is studying computer science. When she joined the OSL in April 2011, she worked as a software developer on the Ganeti Web Manager project. After completing a summer internship at Intel, she has rejoined the lab as a systems administrator. Outside of the OSL, Emily is involved with the Linux Users Group and volunteers at FIRST robotics events. In the rare event of having free time, she also enjoys gardening and building robots.

Community Systems Administrator

Derrick Dymock, Community Systems Administrator
Derrick Dymock

Derrick is studying computer science at OSU and works as a part-time systems administrator for the OSL's infrastructure team.


Jenn Garcia, Outreach
Jenn Garcia

Web Designer

Mitchell Garcia, Web Designer
Mitchell Garcia


Kayla Harr, Writer
Kayla Harr


Dean Johnson, Developer
Dean Johnson

Dean is a computer science student who joined the OSL in June 2012. In the lab, he creates new content and fixes bugs for projects including Ganeti Web Manager, the Protein Geometry Database and the Oregon Virtual School District. He’s familiar with Python, Java, C, C# and Javascript and is a member of the Linux Users Group on campus. Outside of work and school, Dean enjoys longboarding around campus and adventuring outside.


Ray McGuinness, Marketing
Ray McGuinness

Community Systems Administrator

Anthony Miller, Community Systems Administrator
Anthony Miller


Justin Noah, Developer
Justin Noah

Community Systems Administrator

Daniel Reichert, Community Systems Administrator
Daniel Reichert

Community Systems Administrator

Sean Rettig, Community Systems Administrator
Sean Rettig

Community Systems Administrator

Alan Sherman, Community Systems Administrator
Alan Sherman

Community Systems Administrator

Daniel Takamori, Community Systems Administrator
Daniel Takamori


Soo-Hyun Yoo, Developer
Soo-Hyun Yoo


Chance Zibolski, Developer
Chance Zibolski

Community Systems Administrator

Eric Zounes, Community Systems Administrator
Eric Zounes