Get Hosting Support



To get support with a hosted system or service, please email support at osuosl dot org. This will start a ticket in our tracking system. Please note that this is for project managers and developers who are hosted here. We can not provide end-user support for the applications that are developed on servers hosted here. Most of the communities we host provide their own support channels and we will refer you to them.


We can be found at #osuosl on the freenode irc network ( Feel free to join and stay for a while. Please note that while we invite support requests coming in via this channel, if nobody answers please send us an email as noted above. Also, please do not take offense if we ask you to submit a ticket when you talk to us on IRC. This is purely to assure that your issue is tracked and taken care of. During busy times we do not want to forget about an issue that you have brought to our attention.


While we do our best to monitor our managed systems and solve problems as they arise day and night, if there is a problem that needs urgent attention, please send us an e-mail as noted above and then contact your project leader. He or she should have our emergency contact information. This is not posted publicly to avoid abuse.

To request hosting

The Open Source Lab provides hosting for projects and communities involved with Open Source Software development. Typically we refer to the OSI's definition of Open Source found at If your project follows an open development model and is freely available under an OSI approved license, you may qualify for hosting.

To request hosting with the Open Source Lab, please send an email to support-at-osuosl-dot-org. Include in your email the following:

  • The type(s) of server(s) you are requesting hosting for, if applicable
  • The purpose of said server (will it be web, development, etc?)
  • Your estimated bandwidth usage
  • Details about your project, along with your URL, license, and any other pertinent information
  • Contributions that you may be able to make to cover costs. Please understand that without such contributions, resources available to your system (such as bandwidth) may be shared with a usage cap set
Please give us a few days to discuss and respond.