Kerr Admin Building We operate out of data centers in the Kerr Administration Building of the Oregon State University campus. In 2006 one of these data centers received a remodel, including a new UPS and generator backup system, new network infrastructure, and overhauled air handlers. This is a 2,000 square foot facility with plenty of room for the lab to grow in.


Our power infrastructure is much like other data centers: We have a UPS system that holds the entire data center alive in the event of an outage long enough for the generator to fire up and take over. The transfer switch decides when this all happens. The generator can then hold enough gas for 14 hours of power, and that can be refueled in-use. The UPS and transfer switch are both monitored and send out alerts anytime power situations change.


The physical infrastructure of our network employs a Cisco 6509. Our upstream network is managed by the Network for Education and Research in Oregon (NERO, www.nero.net). They manage peering points and transit via multiple commodity providers, along with our connection to the Internet2 network. Our Internet2 connectivity allows us a high speed backbone to many other Open Source Software supporters in the higher education and research communities.