What is the Open Source Lab?
The Oregon State University Open Source Lab is the home of growing, high-impact open source communities. Its world-class hosting services enable the Linux operating system, Apache web server, the Drupal content management system and over 50 other leading open source software projects to collaborate with contributors and distribute software to millions of users globally. Through custom software development, vendor partnerships and industry events like the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON), the Lab's staff and students encourage open source adoption in education, government, health care and other sectors.
 What is Open Source Software?
"Open source" means that the building blocks for a program are freely available to use, modify, and improve. This provides for rapid software development by contributors worldwide, and the resulting program is available for anyone to use, anywhere, free of charge.
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 Open Source is all about contributions.
Countless numbers of developers are all giving of their time and talents to code, document, test, design, and deliver software so that the end user may benefit from it. The Open Source Lab is here to contribute resources to the community, allowing developers to focus on what they do best rather than having to spend time worrying about system resources and hosting. To continue operating, we need your contributions as well.

Latest OSUOSL News

The Open Source Lab is now providing web and development hosting for Tillikum. Tillikum is an open source housing information management system designed to provide a web interface application for the daily operations managed by housing services. It is initially intended to facilitate assignment and auto allocation, room/space management, billing, conduct process and records, and conference scheduling. Tillikum currently has contributors from multiple schools including Oregon State University, The Evergreen State College, and Western Washington University. You can read more about Tillikum at http://tillikum.org/

Jaws LogoWe are happy to announce the Jaws Project is now being hosted at the Open Source Lab. Jaws is a content management system and framework used to create dynamic web sites. Written in PHP, it provides a simple yet powerful framework for developers to design their own modules. The OSL is now providing web, development, and mailing list hosting for the Jaws Project. You can find out more about Jaws at their website: http://www.jaws-project.com

With popularity of open-source software applications steadily increasing around the globe, organizers of the third-annual Government Open Source Conference, set for Oct. 15-16 in Portland, Ore., expect their biggest crowd yet of attendees focused on open source for public institutions.

GOSCON ’07’s focus is open standards and “interoperability” – the ability of software and hardware systems to exchange and use information. Standards and interoperability have become major concerns in recent years as the need for government agencies to share information across jurisdictions becomes critical in areas such as health and human services, public safety, transit and transportation, environment and regulatory agencies.