OSU Open Source Lab aggregator http://localhost:8080//aggregator/categories/2 OSU Open Source Lab - aggregated feeds in category OSS at OSU en OSEL News: Network World votes OSU OSL one of nation’s 10 coolest labs http://osel.oregonstate.edu/blog/2009/01/15/network-world-votes-osu-osl-one-of-nations-10-coolest-labs/ <p>Articles:</p> <p><a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/121508-university-networking-labs.html" target="_blank">Original Network World article</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.kval.com/news/local/37114634.html">KVAL article</a></p> <p>The OSU Open Source Lab has been voted one of the nations 10 coolest university networking labs due to its renowned open source project hosting history and interesting development projects.</p> <p>Specific cool lab features sited were:</p> <ul> <li>The Linux kernel - We even have had a &#8220;Woozy Beaver&#8221; kernel version committed on OSU&#8217;s campus in the LUG.</li> <li>Drupal - Drupal is heading the way of Firefox.  What was once another program to create and maintain web sites is gaining popularity and is now widely used both on OSU&#8217;s campus and in the open source community.</li> <li>Apache Software Foundation including the Apache web server - The OSL helps keep the internet running.  Apache is used on more than half of the web sites in the world.</li> <li>Oregon Virtual School District - The OSL is developing an online learning and support system for K-12 students with Moodle.</li> <li>Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON)</li> </ul> Fri, 16 Jan 2009 06:31:42 +0000 OSEL News: LUG Talks Fall2008 http://osel.oregonstate.edu/blog/2008/12/09/lug-talks-fall2008/ <p>As Fall2008 comes to a close, I wanted to recognize all of the great speakers we&#8217;ve had at LUG this term.  The LUG has had five presentations over the past 10 weeks and hopefully there will be more in the future.</p> <p>On an administrative note:  The LUG will continue meeting on Monday afternoons at 6PM in KEC 1007 next term!  Bring yourself, projects, homework, etc. and eat pizza while learning more cool things about open source.</p> <p>On to the presentations!</p> <h4>Kevin Kemper, Ryan Albright and Ben Goska presented the KD device aka Platform for Learning aka Fuzzy Walrus</h4> <p>For the sake of this description we&#8217;ll call it the PFL or Platform For Learning</p> <p>On the very first week of this term Kevin Kemper, Ryan Albright, and Ben Goska came to the LUG to talk about the new CS platform for learning.  The idea behind this cool new gizmo is to unify the information incoming CS students learn over the course of the CS program.  Starting Winter 2008, incoming CS students will receive a PFL and begin writing programs for the device immediately so that even introductory code is applicable and extensible.</p> <p>Remember there is a contest for naming this new CS tool so submit a name and possibly win a free PFL!</p> <h4>Larry Cafiero from Fedora</h4> <p>Larry Cafiero visited OSU and talked about his experiences working for Fedora, Open Source, and why what he does is cool.  Larry&#8217;s visit also highlighted something we often forget in the LUG.  There are jobs for everyone in Open Source.  Many of those are programming intensive but many involve talking to people, expanding the market for open source, and dispeling common myths about FOSS.</p> <h4>Donnie Berkholz</h4> <p>Donnie presented not only a lightening talk on cool git tools but also gave an advanced BASH tutorial as a follow up to the beginning BASH presentations given at the beginning of the term.</p> <h4>Eric Betts on Beaver Source</h4> <p>Last but not least, Eric Betts presented the Beaver Source project beginning here at OSU.  The idea behind Beaver Source is to promote open source on campus while encouraging collaboration on CS projects within the university.  Beaver Source provides important CS project tools like version control, bug tracking, team collaberation, etc. paired with a social network to bring new students into projects and encourage new project formation.</p> Tue, 09 Dec 2008 23:49:32 +0000